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Prisoners at Nieves Morejon are not receiving any correspondence.

SANTA CLARA, CUBA - May 1st ( Yoel Espinosa Medrano/ The prison population in the prison "Nieves Morejón", province of Sancti Spiritus, hve not received correspondence for the past two months because of alleged contradictions between Prison authorities and the post office at the town of Guayos.

According to political and prisoner of conscience Omar Ruiz Hernandez, letters to family and friends sent through the post office in Cuba, are retained in the town of Guayos because they do not have personnel to deliver the correspondence to the prison.

Faced with the demand of the prisoners, a prison official that goes by the name of Maceo said that the mail delivery is a responsibility of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Moreover, a relative of a common prisoner complained at the Cuban Post Office Company and the director of said entity told her that the prison always used to send a prisoner to pick up the mail at the post office but that they stopped doing so a while back.

Ruiz Hernandez who was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2003 added, the head of said unit named Freddy and officer of the State Security Denis made a commitment to resolve the matter but so far nothing has changed.

Reporting from Santa Clara to the Information Bridge Cuba Miami Yoel Espinosa Medrano of Cubanacan Press. Translation: Puente Informativo Cuba Miami.


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